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Types of Hardwood Floor Moldings

One of the important parts of a house is the floor. The floor is the surface that furnishings are placed on and the place that the occupants walk and stand on. A good floor does not only make a house look good but also adds value to the house. There are numerous types of floors, and one of the most popular and beautiful is hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring consists of hardwood floor moldings that are used to cover the joint between the surface of the wall and the floor. It is recommended that hardwood floor molding be pre-drilled before installation. This is to avoid the wood from splitting and cracking while being nailed or fastened.

There are different types of hardwood flooring moldings at the Baird Brothers. However, you are likely not going to use all of them to give your floor a complete look. The first type of hardwood flooring is the quarter round molding. Hardwood floors expand and contract with fluctuations of temperature. Therefore, it is important to leave out some room for expansion when installing a hardwood floor. The best hardwood molding for this type of gap is the quarter round molding. If you have different types of flooring in a house, then you should ensure the floor merge perfectly. T-molding is used when you have a hardwood floor merging with another different type of floor. This type of hardwood flooring molding makes your floor transition smoothly. View more info about wood products.

If your hardwood floor is transitioning into another different type of floor such as tile or vinyl that is of a different height, then the best hardwood flooring molding to use is the reducer molding. Reducer molding makes the transition between hardwood floors to another type of floor smooth. You can install this type of molding between a hardwood floor and the tile floor of the bathroom. If there is a certain place in your hardwood floor that you want to have a finished look, then the best molding to use is a threshold molding. Threshold moldings are also referred to as end-caps, and they are mostly used and the door or fireplace.

If you have hardwood flooring on a staircase, the hardwood flooring molding that will bring out a lovely look to your staircase is the stairnose molding. Stairnose molding is used to cover the front edge of the stair steps. Stairnose molding creates a smooth transition of the hardwood floor to the end of the step. Click here for more info about wood products:

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